Saturday, June 09, 2012

Apology and pictures

Hey all, I'm back! Firstly I should really apologize to all my followers for the utter lack of posts for a long time. I am so sorry people. I didn't have access to the internet for some days as I was out near the Himalayan region on a trekking trip. That was a totally amazing experience though. There were eight of us and we trekked from Dhotray, a village in Darjeeling district, to Tonglu. We had planned to go to Sandakphu from there but couldn't because of bad weather. We came to Rimbick, went to the surreal Jorayapokhri forest and then went to Temburay, which is magical. Lastly we stayed at Pokhritar. We really enjoyed staying at the little villages of Darjeeling district. Mostly we cooked our own food but we didn't have any boring food anyday. I took tons of pics which I"m dying to show you people. This probably has nothing to do with fashion but in this post I'm showing pics from Dhotray. Hope you will enjoy

The himalayan Squirrel

Fog descending on Dhotray village

The Verditer Flycatchers Top one is female and Bottom one is male

Below are pics of what we had for lunch one day at Dhotray.
Mashed potatoes with chillies and onions

Lentils with local 'ningro' leaves

Papar. I have no idea what they are called in English

This wraps up todays post. Apologies again for being MIA so long.
Please tell what you think of the pictures and have a great weekend.


  1. Fabulous pix! Thanks for sharing them...I love that little baby's face and all the beautiful flowers. Welcome back :-)

  2. I love the photos! I love seeing new places. It looks like you had such an adventure. I'm so glad you took the photos. They're fabulous.

  3. I've missed you! I was just about to email you to check if you were ok and this popped up on my dashboard! Wow this looks like an amazing trip and thanks so much for sharing the photos with us! XxxX


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