Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Photos

Almost reached Tonglu


the Iris Lily.

moth fresh out of its cocoon

view on the way down from tonglu

The shy Mt. Kanchenjunga

schoolchildren and a dog in Rimbick

Jorayopokhri, literally means deer-lake. The magical place inside the forest

Water lily in Jorayopokhri

Ashilo( wild strawberries)

Chayo (mushroom). We picked it off a tree-trunk, cooked and ate it!

Flowers rarely seen on this plant
yellow himalayan raspberry, on the way to Timburey. Photo by Reesoom

Himalayan newt, on my plam, at Pokhritar

Our tent and the boys on the matching vehicle. Borrowed it from the forest authorites at Pokhritar
Drinking chhang, a local liquor. Photo by Mrinal Pal.

Road from Pokhritar down to Dilaram.
Some more photos from the Dhotray-Tonglu-Rimbick-Timburey-Pokhritar trek. I can't help but keep looking back at these. Not much to write about today, except that the damn monsoon finally hit kolkata and I'm liking it. Like the photos? Tell me about it in the comments. Have a great week ahead.

P.S. If you ever visit the Darjeeling region for a trek, be sure to check wikimapia. Trace the route and you will find nice homestays( with contact details) to live in the villages. That's the best way to enjoy the typical village-life of the place.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Apology and pictures

Hey all, I'm back! Firstly I should really apologize to all my followers for the utter lack of posts for a long time. I am so sorry people. I didn't have access to the internet for some days as I was out near the Himalayan region on a trekking trip. That was a totally amazing experience though. There were eight of us and we trekked from Dhotray, a village in Darjeeling district, to Tonglu. We had planned to go to Sandakphu from there but couldn't because of bad weather. We came to Rimbick, went to the surreal Jorayapokhri forest and then went to Temburay, which is magical. Lastly we stayed at Pokhritar. We really enjoyed staying at the little villages of Darjeeling district. Mostly we cooked our own food but we didn't have any boring food anyday. I took tons of pics which I"m dying to show you people. This probably has nothing to do with fashion but in this post I'm showing pics from Dhotray. Hope you will enjoy

The himalayan Squirrel

Fog descending on Dhotray village

The Verditer Flycatchers Top one is female and Bottom one is male

Below are pics of what we had for lunch one day at Dhotray.
Mashed potatoes with chillies and onions

Lentils with local 'ningro' leaves

Papar. I have no idea what they are called in English

This wraps up todays post. Apologies again for being MIA so long.
Please tell what you think of the pictures and have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Trend : MINT

Mint, mint, mint! That colour seems to be everywhere this season. Most bloggers love it while some say it's overrated. As for me, I love this ice-cream-flavoured shade of my favourite colour too!
Fresh Mint

This set above features the kind of clothing that I like most in mint shades. I just want need a top like the one at the centre. Isn't it just perfect, with the buttons and the dipped hemline?

I would wear these with beige trousers and keep the look really simple. I mean, mint coloured stuff be worn with just about anything, right? I thought of two outfits as you can see below. On the right side of the virtual diary I have included some items in mint too.
Summer '12 outfits

Well this is my idea on how to wear mint-flavoured stuff this summer. What are your thoughts on this colour-trend?

Wish you a happy weekend ahead!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fun Fair

Love the coulors! This one is not leaving my wrist soon.

 Hi all! Me and mum found a junk jewellery shop at a fair last weekend. The pieces were being sold at throwaway prices so we ended up buying quite a  few of them. Most of them are what could be termed as statement neckpieces. I really love some of them, others not so much. Here are the pics -->

My fave turquoise stones one. Found earrings to match!

The above two are apparently camel-bone, as the shopkeeper told us. I think they are just cattle-bone.

These three are some kind of cut stones. Aren't the coulours beautiful?

 This one is bone and beads. Its made to resemble a peacock or its tail.

Reminds me of a green snake, love it.

This one is very ethnic i think.

 I have wanted long stringy neckpieces like these for sometime. Here they are!

That wraps up my weekend haul. Now that I have these I gotta think of new outfit ideas to go with these. Hello, sartorial daydreams, welcome back to my head!

So tell me what you think of all the stuff in the pictures above. Have a happy mid-week!
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